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John Dickson & Son are unique amongst gunmakers in that they are synonymous with one action only - the round action, the name 'Dickson' and 'round action' rolling of the tounge in one.

The Virtual Southern Side by Side Classic
Apr 2020
The Virtual Southern Side by Side Classic

This week John Dickson and Son would have been heading out to North Carolina to take part in The Southern Classic Side by Side Championship and Exhibition, an annual event in its 21st year, celebrating all things associated with vintage double guns. Understandably, this great event has been postponed until April 2021 and we will sadly have to wait until then to catch-up with all the Scottish gun and rifle enthusiasts who were coming to see us and take part in this fantastic event.

However, our good friends at S. Delaney & Sons have taken the initiative and worked exhaustively in the last week to pull together a 'Virtual' gun show event that we can all participate in from the comfort of our own homes!

This week will see the launch of the Virtual Southern where you can learn about various vendors, get tips on gun purchasing and inspection, shooting and browse some good deals and discounts. There are even some interesting interviews with actual exhibitors who would have attended the physical event. This includes a short catch-up with J-P Daeschler, Managing Director of John Dickson and Son.

If you have never had the opportunity to attend the Southern Classic Side by Side in Sanford, NC, you can imagine what it would be like by watching this video (less than a minute) or this video (28 minutes).

Please follow this link to the Virtual Southern Homepage, featuring the event and its daily itinerary and we hope you can enjoy some of the great content that Liz and Sean Delaney have put together for you.