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New Inventory- John Dickson and Son Round-Action made in 1888

12 Gauge, patent triggerplate action, side-by-side shotgun

This early vintage Round-Action gun was delivered as the No. 1 of a pair in August 1888, marked with Patent Use Number 223, its the 223rd patent-gun made in the Round-Actions 141 year history. This gun is of significant interest in terms of the Round-Actions progression as it is fitted with a number of interesting features. 

Most notable is the Dickson patent three-piece ejector system 'single-pin ejector' and we estimate that this was the 42nd gun made with this system after the patent was introduced in 1887. The barrels use a single solid extractor with sliding wings in the extractor to kick the spent cartridges out. On the action, the compressor and ejector kicker are of one piece and supported by a 'single-pin' on the side of the action, this changing in 1890 when Dickson moved to an independent compressor, ejector kicker and extractor leg for each barrel. The action also uses first-pattern intercepting sears on the triggerplate, cocking indicators, and has the rimmed detonators of the period. The gun also has the earlier 'horse-shoe' fore-end iron and larger fore-end tip which had been in use since the Round-Action first appeared in 1880.  

This particular gun has the traditional tight scroll engraving for the period and is fitted with a very well figured stock, finished off with the correct 'triple-crown' chequering pattern on the wrist. The stock has been pinned at the head and wrist. Originally built with 30in damascus barrels but sleeved to 28in in 1959, they still measure as the day they were proved and the bores and exterior are perfect and free of any blemishes. Oddly, the '1' engraved on the top-lever is upside down, perhaps for easier identification in a gun slip, rack or cabinet.

The gun has just left the workshop after having an extensive renovation to prepare it for sale - the stock and fore-end have been deep cleaned, re-oiled and re-chequered. All the engraving on the furniture and pins has been re-cut and re-blacked/re-blued where appropriate. The barrels have been re-jointed to the action, the engraving re-cut and the barrels re-blacked.

What is also quite intriguing is that we know where the No. 2 gun is. Registered to a Dickson Owners Club member in North America, but the chance to reunite this pair is a story yet to be written.

We have priced the gun to reflect its condition and it would be a perfect way to get into owning an early vintage Round-Action.

This gun will be perfectly suitable for standard steel 2 1/2in cartridges.


  • Price: £6250
  • Action: Dickson Patent Triggerplate with assisted-opener, top lever with Scott spindle and Purdey bolt, hidden third fastener and Anson push-rod fore-end.
  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length : 28 1/4in sleeved
  • Chambers: 2 1/2in
  • Proof: Birmingham Nitro Proof at .729 in 1959
  • Bores:  .730 (R) &  .729 (L)
  • Walls:  .035 (R) &  .040 (L)
  • Chokes :  1/4 (R) & 3/4 (L)
  • Ejectors: Yes, Dickson Patent Ejector System
  • Stock dimensions: Drop at comb 1 7/16in, Drop at heel 2 1/16in, 14 1/4in at heel, 14  1/18 to centre, 14 5/8in at toe 
  • Cast Off: 3/8in
  • Weight: 6lb 10oz
  • Location: Dunkeld

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The guns were delivered to the Laird of Corrimony Estate in Inverness-shire. 

The Laird also purchased a Lancaster patent Dickson hammer gun in December 1868.