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SOLD - John Dickson and Son Round-Action made in 1925

12 Gauge, patent triggerplate action, side-by-side shotgun

This single vintage Round-Action was delivered in July 1925, marked with Patent Use Number 1615, its the 1615th patent gun made in the Round-Actions 140 year history.  The action is the classic Round-Action shape from the 1920's and has the traditional scroll engraving for the period to finish it off. The lockwork is gilded and shows little wear. The gun is fitted with a beautiful French walnut stock and is finished off at the heel with a 1/2in ebonite heelplate. The stock measurements are almost as they left the workshop.

To prepare the gun for sale it has had an extensive service, strip and clean, the barrels re-blacked and the stock sympathetically cleaned and polished. The gun comes fitted in a lightweight Brady canvas case, which has been cleaned and reproofed, and is fitted with a selection of accessories. The barrels have some minor internal pits to them but we have left them in situ as they are not a cause for concern.

The gun was originally delivered to a Medical Doctor who lived in Warwickshire and it was likely a retirement present as he was 64 years old when he took delivery of the gun. He had spent part of his early career practicing in Edinburgh, where he no doubt came across the gun making business of John Dickson and Son. 


  • Action: Dickson Patent Triggerplate with assisted-opener, top lever with Scott spindle and Purdey bolt, hidden third fastener and Anson push-rod fore-end.
  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length : 28in
  • Chambers: 2 1/2in
  • Proof: London Nitro Proof at .729
  • Bores: .734 (R) & .736 (L)
  • Walls: .022 (R) & .020 (L)
  • Chokes : Imp Cyl (R) & 3/4 (L)
  • Ejectors: Yes, Dickson Patent Ejector System 
  • Stock dimensions: Drop at comb 1 1/2in, Drop at heel 2 3/8in, 14 3/8in at heel, 14 5/16in to centre,  14 7/8in at toe 
  • Cast Off: 3/8in
  • Weight: 6lb 1oz
  • Location: Dunkeld