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SOLD - John Dickson and Son Round-Action made in 1906

12 gauge, patent triggerplate, side-by-side shotgun

This classic Round-Action was delivered in August 1906 - the 'Golden Years' of Dickson's production when they delivered 53 Round-Actions that year.

Built as a single gun with steel 28in barrels and marked with Patent Use Number 1214, its the 1214th patent-gun made in the Round-Action’s 140 year history. The action has the traditional heavy acanthus scroll engraving from this period and has a well figured straight-hand stock. The gun comes complete in its original leather case.

This gun is in excellent, unmolested condition - the engraving crisp and the stock dimensions and barrels measures as it was made. We have not had a Dickson with barrels that measure this well for many, many years. 

The original order for this gun was placed by a British soldier who went on to have a career in the Highland Light Infantry, rising to Captain and serving at Dewetsdorp during the Boer War in 1900.

We also have in our Dickson Heritage Collection, a single-barrelled 20 bore hammer-gun that was bought for this gentleman by his father (a British soldier and Conservative politician) for his 14th birthday. We are now including this hammer-gun with the sale of this Round-Action.  


  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length: 28in
  • Chambers: 2 1/2in
  • Proof: London Nitro Proof at .729 - Now measures .731 in both
  • Average Wall Thickness: .026 in both
  • Chokes: Imp Cyl (R) & 1/4 (L)
  • Stock Length: 14 5/16in to center
  • Weight: 6lb 5oz