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Joseph Harkom & Sons

12 bore, bar-action sidelock ejector, side-by-side shotgun

Joseph Harkom was born in 1808 in London. He was the son of Joseph Harkom, a gun maker who worked for one of the London gunmakers. Reportedly, Joseph was apprenticed to his father, probably from 1822 to 1829, and it may be that he continued working with him up to 1836. In early 1837 he married Mary Ann, who was born in Edinburgh in 1809, and they moved to Edinburgh where Joseph established his business at 15 Leopold Place. 

In 1838 the business moved to 30 Abbeyhill and then again in 1840 to 31 West Register Street, a small lane running parallel behind Princes Street.

In 1842 a son, Joseph Mark Harkom was born, he was destined to work in finance and did not join the business. However, in 1844 a second son, Henry, was born and in 1846 John was born, both would later join the firm.

In about 1856 the business moved through the back of West Register Street on to 32 Princes Street.

In about 1870 Henry Harkom was made a partner in the firm which traded as Joseph Harkom & Son and in about 1872 John was made a partner, the firm being re-named Joseph Harkom & Sons.

The firm's top quality guns, the best of which which equalled London "Best" guns, were made in Edinburgh. Lower quality guns were made in Birmingham but finished in Edinburgh. Boxlocks made from the late 1870s were distinguished from those of other makers by their high squared and "Bow" shaped fences. In 1871 the firm employed 11 "hands", the 1881 census states 6 men and 3 boys.

On 8 February 1891 Joseph Harkom died, Henry taking over the business which moved to 30 George Street.

In 1922 it appears that Henry retired and the firm was sold to Mortimer & Son which became part of John Dickson & Son in 1938.


We are pleased to offer this vintage sidelock ejector by the Edinburgh gunmaker Joseph Harkom.

The gun benefits from new 27in barrels with 2 3/4in chambers fitted by the maker in 1997 and so measure as new. 

The quality of this gun stands out - both internally and external, to rival any London best gun with a distinct hint of celtic flair.

  • Gauge12
  • Barrel Length : 27in
  • Chambers: 2 3/4in
  • Proof: Birmingham Nitro Proof
  • Bores: Proved at 18.5mm - (R) 18.5mm (L) 18.5mm 
  • Walls: (R) .036 (L) .035
  • Chokes : Imp Cyl (R) & 3/8 (L)
  • Stock dimensions: Straight hand stock, 15 1/2in to centre including 1 in wooden extension
  • Cast Off: 3/8in
  • Weight: 6lb 13oz
  • Location: Dunkeld