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Pair of Henry Atkin 'Spring-Opener' guns

12 bore, bar-action sidelock ejector, side-by-side shotguns

Coming from a family of gunmakers, the maker of this pair of guns, Henry Atkin, had followed in his fathers footsteps. His father worked for James Purdey in 1848 and Henry Atkin also worked for James Purdey as his father’s apprentice. Henry Atkin began building guns under his own name in 1875, using the name ‘Henry Atkin’ (from Purdey’s). Henry Atkin inherited the use of the “Beesley” self-opening action from Purdey. This action was improved upon by Atkin with the inclusion of a better ejection system and an easing of the closing the gun and became known as the 1909 model, which is the model that this pair of guns is built upon.


  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length: 28in
  • Chambers: 2 1/2in
  • Proof: London Nitro Proof
  • Chokes: 1/4 (R) & 1/2 (L)
  • Stock Length: 15 ¾” stocks including 1 ½” wooden extension.
  • Weight: 6lb 12oz